Trip Advisor Fake Reviews

These two: – brother and sister have been posting on TripAdvisor under multiple IDs, a bit naughty but that’s down to TripAdvisor to pick up on you might think. After all they boast bank type security and these two are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

The problem is they have been very naughty and been posting derogatory comments on one businesses’ TripAdvisor site over a period of years, don’t forget posing as different people each time, some of the comments amount to race hate crime, the rest are just lies, intended to close down the business and if not to try and do it some serious damage.

Just to set a few people right the business did not want to go on TripAdvisor and after these two put them on with a bogus review  TripAdvisor were asked to remove the review and the business. They declined both. They have been asked to remove reviews which have been obvious lies many times but it “has always been within their rules”

It is interesting when a firm gets so arrogant; they feel that powerful, they can make up the law, to businesses that have no wish to be part of their realm.

As we have already said TripAdvisor refuse to engage on the obviously fraudulent postings (if the customers can spot them why can’t they?). In fact in this case they refuse to engage with the businesses’ solicitors.

One must wonder why they are so reluctant to remove fraudulent posts, would it be possible they regard them as “click bait” and controversy brings more people to their site generating more money for them.

One would question whether they are running an electronic age protection racket, by ignoring these fraudulent posts but offering businesses to redesign their site and put a favoured review at the top of list, for a tidy monthly sum of course!

This sort of racketeering was stamped out 50 years ago but TripAdvisor appear to have redesigned it for the modern age.   

There will be many more businesses in the hospitality industry suffering in similar ways because of TripAdvisor.

Worldwide and country by country these businesses provide largescale employment and taxes for their own country. Why are governments are permitting this sort of company to lose them their jobs and tax take? Especially when TripAdvisor are based firmly in America, creating very few jobs or tax outside the US.

One of the answers would be governments; law officers, etc. suffer from inertia. They have to be pushed into doing something.

We are going to give you the opportunity to do something easy, which will make your mark and also may finally do something about TripAdvisor.

On this site there are two forms one is for the police and the prosecuting authorities. The other is for the Government (elected officials etc.) all you have to do is copy paste and email to your relevant local officials. If enough do it in your particular country then you may see some action.

It may be that you know other people in the trade or just interested parties; why not forward a link.

Please feel free to copy this site in its entirety; translating it into your language would be helpful.

Why not start Facebook sites, with translations to your language, put your own experiences with TripAdvisor on it and suggestions of email addresses for people to send the letters to.